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Team of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

DJ Vaughan

DJ Vaughan
DJ is the old man of the team and is trying to act as the team organiser.  More of a water polo player now than a swimmer DJ is looking forward to the race and is hoping the REME can do well.

Liz Faithfull-Davies
Lizzie was volunteered in her absence (by Catherine Jardine!) for this event.  Despite that, Lizzie has thrown herself at the swim with enthusiasm and has been swimming in the sea in an attempt to acclimatise for the cold.

Lizzie Faithfull-Davies
Al Naylor

Al Naylor
Al Naylor was conned into the swim not realising that he could not wear a wet suit until he had already said he was up for it!  Not a big fan of the cold water Al is nevertheless looking forward to a once in a lifetime experience.

Justin Simons
Justin Volunteered for the team after hearing about the race on the grapevine, having been away from the swimming scene for a while.  Justin is a strong swimmer and due to not having done much training recently decided to do all three events at Lake Bala.

Richie Emerton

Richie Emerton
Richie has never done any Open Water swimming before.  After his induction at Lake Bala he has stated a desire to do more of the same next year when he has a chance to train.  Due to being on a long term course Richie has been unable to do any serious training - here’s hoping then!

‘B’ Veasey
Belinda is the baby of the team.  Her small frame hides a turbo charged swimmer, this is probably because she is not a big fan of the cold water so does everything fast to keep warm.  Belinda looks like the Michelin woman when she puts on as many clothes as possible when she finishes in the water!

Belinda Veasey
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