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.Hamish McCarthy

Hamish McCarthy
Aged 81 yrs
Flushed with the success of last year, a litre or two of ale, wine and pizza, I agreed to rally the Sappers and enter a team in Channel Titan 2008.  I’ve trained hard throughout the year adding Guinness and Mild to my strict dietary regime and have grown to truly love Open Water Slimming!
Building upon this solid foundation, and despite fierce savaging by several female competitors as I rounded the first buoy, I enjoyed success at Lake Bala in the Army Mens events, finishing first in the 5km and 1km races.
I continue to be terrified of jellyfish, submerged dark shadows and patches of seaweed but am reassured that as team captain I’ll not have to swim to the beach, start the race, or swim in the dark.
I’ve fibbed, cajoled and used tactics not normally associated with those of a gentleman to ensure a strong Sapper presence.
I’d like to apologise to all my team now for fear that I may suffer the same fate as Jonah halfway across the English Channel!

Mike Gausden
Aged 26 yrs
I’m originally from Zimbabwe and this is my first year of Open Water Swimming.  I competed in the Lake Bala championships this year and achieved 3rd place in the Army Men’s.  My goal next year is to win and beat Grandpa Hamish :)
I enjoy playing water polo and have been selected for the Army Championships this year.
I’ve swum and played polo since school and thrive on the competitive challenges it provides, plus it gets me time off work, which is nice seeing as I’m deploying to Afghanistan in September.
My other interests are motor sports, golf, cooking (because galley food is terrible) and any other adrenalin filled activities.

Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson
Aged 36 yrs
I’m a fanatical supporter (and season ticket holder) of Newcastle United).  I’m not a natural swimming superstar and have only made it into the team under strict equality and diversity rules as the only ginger swimmer!
I’m new to Open Water Swimming this year and have represented the Royal Engineer Swimming and Water Polo team since 2002.  I recently joined the other Channel hopefuls at the Tri-Service Championships in Bala.
My wife Ruth is a huge support to me but does happen to think I’m mad for wanting to swim in the cold waters of the Channel - she feels there are far less painful ways of getting out of the washing up .... and I’m inclined to agree!!!

Damian Quinn
Aged 35 yrs
Damian is new to Open Water Swimming this season and committed to Channel Titan in a moment of weakness following a triathlon when Liz Earl mentioned the possibility of overseas warm weather training camps....pah!
A former rugby player turned triathlete, he is working hard to increase his body fat index by following Hamish’s advice of drinking as much Guinness as possible (but not the evening before the Bala 5km!!).
Having got into the team he is most looking forward to completing the race and reacquainting himself with his much loved triathalon wetsuit.

Damien Quinn

Vickie Parnell

Vicky Parnell
Aged 25 yrs
I swam with the Leighton Buzzard Swimming Club from the age of 7 to 16.  I then went to the University of Birmingham at 18 and chose to do something different, in the form of Water Polo.  I joined the Army in January 2005 and carried on the Water Polo, getting back into the swimming too.
I’ve always enjoyed swimming in the open and jumped at the opportunity to do the Channel Relay.
There have been some very cold moments, but I’ve loved the training, the team spirit and the woolly hats!  I now can’t wait until the race.

Liz Earl
Aged 25 yrs
Liz has always been a keen swimmer who has been selected for the Army Swimming Team for the last three years.
She’s currently working as a Troop Commander Training Officer and an instructor in mine warfare.
Liz started Open Water Swimming in 2007 with a couple of isle of Wight UK swims - and got the bug (for Open Water Swimming that is!).  She was part of the squad who trained in Gibraltar earlier this year and also competed at the Tri-Service Championships at Lake Bala.
Her biggest problem is hating the cold.  She has no idea why she is doing the relay!  It sounded like a good idea a few months ago but the reality is now starting to kick in!

Liz Earle
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