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Porter Brothers
Rob has to inject himself with insulin at least 4 times a day
Rob Healey
Just one drop of blood is needed for the machine to tell me how much glucose is in my blood
FInd out more about Rob's solo last year

In addition to the 6-boat Cross Channel Relay Race, Channel Titan included a Solo Cross Channel attempt. 

We managed to raise more than 15,000 for the Army Benevolent Fund.


I’m Rob, 42 years old and have been in the Army for 23 years.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent) 14 years ago.

My job ensures that no two days are ever the same, so I need to check my blood sugar reading regularly on a small blood glucose monitor and always carry food with me.

I’ve never had a serious hypo, but on occasions I have felt my blood go low and have had to stop and eat a quick snack.

Over the past 14 years I have continued to play sport and have undertaken a number of physical challenges including the New York Marathon (2003) and the London Marathon (2004).  last year I took part in the Channel Eagle Cross Channel Relay Race and had a Solo attempt.
You can read about my solo swimming experience here.

I have never let diabetes control my life...but the minute you forget about it or ignore it...it will bite.

Like most diabetics, I get 6 monthly appointments at my local hospital in Salisbury and get my weight, blood pressure, blood and urine checks done.  Dr Smith and his Diabetes Support Team have been hugely supportive of this challenge and very helpful.  Additionally, I get my retinas photographed each year to check that there are no long-term complication  beginning to happen.

My daily regime involves humalog injections with meals and snacks and a glargine background insulin injection before bed.

Number of units per injection is totally dependent on the type and amount of food I eat and the level of activity I’ve done before eating - and also takes into consideration any plans I have for physical activity after the meal.

My training regime has been pretty similar this year to last - you can read about my training here.  I have done more speed and structured pool training this year to increase my endurance.

Taking on the challenge to swim the Channel this year is the most testing thing I thing I’ve done - especially as I came so close last year - 4 miles off France when the weather closed in.  On the one hand I have the benefit of my experiences last year so ‘fear of the unknown’ as far as the mechanics of the seim go is not such a significant factor.  But knowing that no matter how well prepared I am physically and mentally, if the weather turns again there is absolutely nothing I can do.

My Solo attempt was part of Channel Titan and we raised more than 15,000 for the Army Benevolent Fund.  Both the Solo and Relay Race was closely followed around the world and realtime updates were posted on the site throughout both events. 
We had thousands of hits on the site as people from all over the world logged on to watch our progress.

Read the blog here.

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As well as racing for the fiercely contested Channel Titan title our teams raised more than 15,000 for the ABL

Visit this years charity - the Army Benevolent Fund


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