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Irena Dzisiewska
Aged 33 yrs
DZ’ was thrown in the water at 2 years of age by her overzealous cruel brothers and has since been a big fan of the sea.
She is however, a newcomer to Open Water Swimming, having preferred in the past to wear neoprene as a triathlete.
She has now keenly embraced Open Water Swimming and is looking forward to the challenge, whilst being slightly perplexed at how she got involved!
There is hope that there may be an offer of a quick booze cruise or some strapping French lifeguards - but failing that she will plough through hoping there is nothing too scary in the depths below


Sian Edwards

Suzy Holmes

Suzy Holmes


Darrel McCluskey
Darrel is the old man of the team, although you would not have thought it from his photo or his physique!  He’s  always been a Jack of all Trades when it comes to sport, so swimming was only on the agenda a couple of months of the year.  This is his first season as an Open Water Swimmer and since making the decision back in April to pursue the sport has had to work very hard to get back into swimming. 
The Lake Bala Championships were his first open water competitions, and although finishing  two thirds of the way down the field in the 5 Km event, felt great afterwards and was happy to dive in again for the 1 Km.  Looking forward to Exercise CHANNEL TITAN and as a Mutineer he is looking forward to challenging some of the Corps Teams for honours ahh ahh me hearties!!  


Andy Reid
I’ve always loved water but am most at home under it - being a keen diver.  My principal area of interest is diving with sharks (as the Leader of the Joint Services Shark Tagging Team).  I’m a total newcomer to Open Water Swimming but am much more worried by the temperature of the water than what might live in it.  This is demonstrated by the fact that I  lived in Gibraltar for 2 years yet never entered the water without a drysuit..
I am a strong but not exactly strong swimmer who seems to have made it into the team by the simple virtue of not dropping out during the selection process.


Craig Michael

Craig Michael
Aged 32 yrs
I originate from the depths of Africa, Zimbabwe to be precise and moved to the UK in 1994.  I have been swimming since the age of 5 in open water; both seas and dams, however, being a FLOPPY I have stayed clear whilst in the UK as the cold has got the better of me.
My wife thinks I am currently having a mid-life crisis as have chosen this year to complete the Commando course, swim the Channel and embrace the birth of my second child as well as anything else I can get into.
I am looking forward to the swim and can only hope the jellyfish, sharks and ISO containers allow us the right of passage!

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